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We are proposing to train up as many of your front-line workers, (and any other staff) as you see fit.

Training First Responder Teams -- How to Serve People on the Autism Spectrum.

• Autism Caregiver Training Institute has produced a program specifically and exclusively designed for First Responders = Law Enforcement + Firefighters + Paramedics.

• We can “train the trainers” … train management teams … and ultimately, train the front-line workers.

• We can be flexible, based on the number of hours you feel would be ideal.

• We provide outstanding take-away information packages for anyone attending the session. We provide Graduation Certificates for all attending the session(s).

• With respect to $$ -- would be excellent for you to be able to budget for this. That is the best way to insure everyone can and does access the training. It is also the most powerful option for getting significant press & publicity.

• We want to be flexible for you. Please – tell us what you need to make this program happen.

• We can include any management in the training = at no additional cost.

• We can include “train the trainers” = at no additional cost.

• If requested, we can travel to do in-person group training sessions.

• We can include a powerful press & publicity component = to offer ourselves to assist in this regard, make ourselves available, assist with press releases, etc.

• By the way – if you wanted -- when doing your training we can produce a “webinar” for you. For example, with 4.5 hour training session, we can divide this into 3 x 1.5 hour webinar series/sessions. In this way you can “own” the program and have available for future recruits and additional staff.

• You can have ability to “own” this program. We can also discuss updates and additional services on an annual basis moving forward.


Please see information below. Hope this is helpful for you.

We are committed to working with you. If there is anything listed below that you might want more of …. or less of … no problem. Just let us know and we can custom design a program for you. Please note that we are able to be flexible in how many hours of training you might want.


· Autism Service Provider Training -- exclusively designed -- for Front-of-the-Line First Responders

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) now affects 1 in 36, with diagnosed rates continuing to dramatically increase. Autism Spectrum Disorder is the fastest growing and most commonly diagnosed neurological disorder in Canada (Autism Speaks, 2023) Due to the many challenges of living with Autism, including : communication; sensory; behavior; gross motor; fine motor; daily living skills and more – this segment of the population is often unable to communicate pain, unable to maintain their own health & daily hygiene, show super heightened responses to sensory inputs and often cannot tolerate “regular” environments. Medical, health, safety and daily living manifestations go undetected … and untreated … far more than the general population. This program will help understand the reasons for, preventative measures for and caregiving requirements for the many common manifestations as a result of living with ASD. We will delve into dealing with challenging behaviors and communication barriers as a result of living with Autism, as well as the impact for your role of being an “Autism Service Provider Specialist.”

Topics include:

• Biomedical Considerations
• Autism – what it is – what it means
• Your Role as an Autism Service Provider Specialist
• Increased safety issues = 24/7 supervision
• Reinforcement, rewards, reinforcement schedules
• Visuals and Communication Supports
• Sensory considerations
• Behavior
• Video modelling
• The school system
• Working with support teams = the family / the therapy team / the school team
• Safety = Evacuation … Crisis Management … De-Escalation Techniques
• Advocacy … advocacy and more advocacy
• Seizures
• Working with the medical industry
• All the way to adults with autism
• “Autism Portable Packs” for your vehicles, specifically for dealing with people with Autism
• Involvement and contribution in the world of Autism

You will walk away from this certification course with strategies for dealing with behavior, communication, sensory issues and so much more – vital and crucial information.

Imperative for all First Responders dealing with children / adolescents / young adults / adults with Autism. Valuable for anyone allied to the field.


• Learn what Autism is, how it impacts the person, the family and your role as a First Responder Autism Service Provider Specialist. This presentation is intended to provide information about what Autism looks like and how to identify people on the spectrum. Also included is how characteristics of ASD influence communication & behavior and how those characteristics result in deficits in self-care and increases for probability of interaction with First Responders for the person living with ASD. Issues reviewed will include skills needed for effective communication and why and when these are impaired for children/youth/adults with ASD, difficulties can occur.

• Learn how to understand Sensory Issues and Adapted Environments. This presentation will include information about sensory differences that may be present in children/youth/adults with ASD. It will include a review of behaviors that may be related to over-responsiveness/under-responsiveness to sensory input as well as sensorimotor integration issues that may impact motor planning and coordination. Information and strategies to support improved participation will be discussed.

• Learn how you can increase compliance – working with families – working with school teams – and at the ASD person’s home. The link between ASD, behaviors and compliance. This presentation explores basic principles of behavior, including the nature of reinforcement, behavior function, and how behavior is strengthened to increase the likelihood it will happen again (or not happen again).

• Learn how to deal with challenging behaviors and overcome communication barriers when dealing with people with Autism. This presentation will include plans for behavior change with ways to improve First Responders’ overall well-being along with the well-being of the person with ASD; strategies for preventing problem behaviors; and lastly, what to do when problem behavior occurs to reduce the likelihood of strengthening it or escalating, to help insure the health & safety of all involved.

• Learn how “Video Modelling” can be used successfully with Autism. This presentation will include general information about this intervention approach to support communication development.

• Learn – now that you are a “First Responder Autism Service Provider Specialist” – now what ? This presentation will consider your (hopeful) future increased involvement with the world of Autism.

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